How to Improve Your Home for Your Pets

Improve Your Home for Your Pets

How to Improve Your Home for Your Pets

Most people don’t consider their pets when building or buying a house. Our furry friends require attention, time, and as comfortable and safe a home as we do. When considering home improvement projects, keeping your pets in mind from the beginning is essential to ensure everyone is happy. In this article, we will discuss ways to improve your home for your pets.

Improve Your Home for Your Pets

Remodel With A Pet-Friendly Flooring

Flooring is one of the first places most pet owners see wear and tear. Choose a friendly flooring that is hard enough to withstand your dog’s hard nails and consider a design that may camouflage the scratches that inevitably occur over time. Several choices can make you and your family happy, including vinyl planks that look like wood floors without all the maintenance.

Take it one step further and add radiant heat beneath the floors. Walking on a heated floor will help minimize aches and pains your pet may get over time, and it’s cozy to the humans in the house as well!

Keep Your Home Clean

Just like humans do, pets of any kind deserve a clean home to live in. Whether that be cats, dogs or even gerbils, having a clean home for them to live in reduces the chance of them being unwell from germs and allows them to live comfortably. Employing a company specialising in house cleaning near Indianapolis IN (or elsewhere more relevant) can ensure that your home is mess free, allowing your pets to roam without fear of picking up sickness as well as enjoy your space with you to the fullest extent.

Furnish With a Purpose

Home improvement projects typically go hand-in-hand with new furniture. Take the extra time to research parts that interest you to ensure that they are easy to clean and can withstand a dog. This doesn’t mean that you have to forego your preferred style; you should try and learn how pieces need to get cleaned and protected in advance.

You may need to tweak your choices a little bit for a more pet-friendly home because it is something that needs to happen before you start looking for baby parrots, fish, or Bernedoodle puppies for sale

Create an Indoor Sanctuary

Sometimes a home can be loud or chaotic, especially when visitors are present or the weather turns up. It would help if you created a place in your home where your pet can go calm down or avoid overstimulation. Look for paint choices that would help create a calming environment for your pet. Neutral colors are great for calming. Having your home in disarray while painting can cause anxiety in your pet. It is best if you can have painting contractors Lynchburg or your local area complete the paint job so it can be done all in a timely manner. You could even take your pet for an overnight stay at a pet-friendly hotel while the painting is taking place.

If you have an extra closet, you should consider transforming it into a dog nook. Build an insulated frame or one that can be draped with a blanket to make it extra soundproof. Add a pillow to the floor for easy access and possibly another on top of the frame for pets who prefer a little height when they sleep.

Ensure that the bedding you choose can be easily washed or have removable coverings to help reduce any potential odors and make it easy to clean. The upper part of the closet can be segmented out for pet-related items, such as food and treats, bedding, grooming tools, and leashes.

Include a Dog Shower

An exciting way to add a pet-friendly upgrade and increase the value of your home at the same time is to build a dog shower.

Or consider adding a tiled dog shower to a mudroom or near an entryway to clean muddy paws before they leave tracks through the rest of the house.

Pick a Perfect Fence

All fences are created differently. Ensure your wood or vinyl fencing is tall enough so your pet won’t jump over it, and install it deep enough that they won’t be able to dig underneath. Dogs can cause significant damage to some outdoor materials, so verify that the fencing you choose will withstand all the abuse coming its way.

Incorporate Ramps

It doesn’t matter if your dog is aging or dealing with joint issues; you should consider adding ramps to your remodeling design. It will allow your pet to move throughout the home easily and eliminate the stress stairs can place on the body within years. Having ramps placed as alternatives to stairs will help eliminate the potential for injury in eager pups or small breeds who don’t always recognize the limitations of their small size.


Our pets need to be treated the same as we would treat our children; they are a part of your family. When considering doing some house changes, consider your pets and make sure it will benefit them. If your pet isn’t happy, you won’t be satisfied, so do something that will cheer you up and make life much more comfortable. Introducing a dog to your home can be somewhat the same as introducing a baby to your home.


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