3 Must-Have Items for Your Home Poker Room

home poker room

Items for Your Home Poker Room

Whether you’re a master at the game, or still a beginner learning how to perfect a “poker face”, poker can be a fun — and intense — way to spend the night with friends or loved ones in your home poker room. Once you have your first go at hosting poker night, it can turn into a great tradition to stay in touch with friends, maybe even a tradition that spans four decades. At that point, poker night becomes less of a competition, and more of a way to spend quality time with close friends and even new acquaintances.

Aside from the social benefits of taking poker nights seriously, there is also a lot to learn for yourself in a game of poker, such as communication skills as you learn nuances of the game and adaptation skills that allow you to respond to situations on the fly. Whatever the reason for your poker fascination, if you’re serious about hosting poker nights for friends and family, then investing in a poker room is a must. Today, we’ll explore three must-haves of any good poker room:

A poker chip set

Poker chips are basically poker currency and provide players with a sense of high stakes during games as they represent dollar amounts — making them a concept people can relate to and have a mutual understanding over. Poker chip values and colors tend to remain the same for home games, as an average poker chip set contains whites, reds, blues, and greens. For larger home games, bigger sets would include more colors, like black or yellow. However, poker chips for home-game use don’t come with values printed. So as the host of poker night, you get to set the values for each chip color, like one cent for white chips, instead of a dollar.

A poker table

A poker game is not complete without a poker table, which goes with the rest of the room. While some people may improvise by playing on the floor or make do with the dining table, a poker table just completes the vibe of a poker room more effectively than anything else. Based on how you’ll want to decorate your poker room, there are many different types of poker tables you can opt for: from metallic to wooden, foldable or not, and how many built-in cup holders depending on how many players you’re expecting on your poker nights. It’s not bad to start with whatever spare table or surface you may have at home, but upgrading to a professional-looking table will help poker nights feel a lot more immersive.

Proper furniture and lighting

We’ve talked about the essentials for a man cave in a previous post, and we’re happy to tell you most man cave must-haves also coincide with the perfect poker room. Specifically, the use of lighting and proper furniture to set the right poker night vibe. This goes from using vibrant, neon lighting both as décor and as a means to illuminate, as well as having comfortable chairs to go with your new poker table. The key to making sure people keep coming back for poker nights is by making them feel at ease. Investing in good lighting can help recreate the feeling of being in a casino, and everyone loves a spacious poker table. You can even invest in putting a few couches in the room for people to relax and socialize in between games. Remember — comfort matters!

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