10 Storage Tips to Keep Your Antiques Safe

Keep Your Antiques Safe

10 Storage Tips to Keep Your Antiques Safe

There is something special about owning an antique. It can be a piece of history, a beautiful work of art, or a cherished family heirloom.

Keep Your Antiques Safe

But if you are not careful, that special something can quickly turn into a big headache, so you may want to put them in a 10×10 storage unit or something similar to this for protection. Anyway, here are 10 storage tips to help keep your antiques safe and sound.

Choose the right storage unit

When it comes to storing antiques, climate control is key. That means choosing a storage unit that is temperature and humidity-controlled. This will help protect your belongings from extremes of heat and cold, which can cause damage over time.

Do you research the storage units in your area to see what is available and how they can accommodate your needs, you want to make sure that you are choosing the best one for your antiques as you do not want to find out that they have been damaged due to an oversight.

Wrap each item individually

Antiques are often delicate, so it is important to wrap each one individually in soft materials like acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap. This will help prevent them from being scratched or chipped in storage.

Use fresh materials from DIY stores or craft stores, do not use ones that have been used before as they could have lost their protective quality and not be as strong as new products. Search for what you need and make a list of your items in case someone can help you with picking out the right protective materials.

Use sturdy boxes

When packing your antiques for storage, be sure to use strong cardboard boxes that will not easily collapse. Avoid using plastic bags, which can trap moisture and cause damage.

Pick up some boxes from your local shop or you can buy new ones online, test them out first by feeling them out and putting an item (not an antique) into the box and move it around a lot, maybe drop it, etc., just to see if it does keep its shape and stay strong.

Label each box

Labeling each box with a contents list will help you stay organized and make it easier to find things when you need them.

Get a label maker that can print out the description and have it laminated, this will prevent eroding and help you identify the boxes that you need.

Stack boxes carefully

When stacking boxes in your storage unit, be sure to put the heaviest ones on the bottom. This will help prevent them from toppling over and damaging your antiques.

You might want to weigh your boxes before putting them on top of one another to see which is the heaviest, as you may not be able to gauge it by yourself.

Use pallets for extra protection

If you are really worried about your boxes tipping over, try placing them on pallets in your storage unit. This will help keep them off the ground and provide an extra layer of protection.

You can order some pallets online or see if a local warehouse has any extra that you can use. If they are too big then you may need to cut them down to fit into the storage unit.

Create a buffer zone

If possible, create a buffer zone around your boxes by placing them on top of something like a piece of plywood or a sheet of cardboard. This will help prevent damage if something does happen to spill in your storage unit.

You could look at wrapping the boxes up in protective materials too, so they have that extra layer to keep them safe, or place soft and foamy mats on the floor in case anything were to accidentally fall, it would at least have a soft landing.

Cover your belongings

Covering your boxes with a dust cover or tarp will help protect them from dust, dirt, and other debris.

Check on your things regularly

Even if you follow all of these tips, it is still a good idea to check on your antiques every so often. This will help you catch any problems early and prevent further damage.

Depending on your schedule, you may want to check them at least once every 2 weeks or once a month, just to give yourself peace of mind.

Get insurance

Finally, remember that your storage unit rental agreement may not cover the contents of your unit. So be sure to get insurance to protect your antiques in case of fire, theft, or other damages.

Check out some policies online and see how you can get covered and what the best deal is to cover everything you need.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your antiques stay in good condition for years to come. So go ahead and enjoy your treasures – just be sure to take care of them!

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