Guide On Converting Your Loft

Converting Your Loft

Loft extension projects are a great way of adding more space to your property. Besides that, it may also add more value to your house, boosting its resale value. A good architect can help convert your loft while overseeing the project from design to completion.

Converting Your Loft

The process of converting your loft can be pretty challenging, especially if it is your first extension or conversion project. We recommend hiring an architect or construction consultant who will help you come up with the budget and design.

Below are some tips you should consider when converting your loft.

Hire an Architect

Most people are against getting architects to work on their projects due to their hiring rates. Experienced architects charge high fees but are well worth the fee because of what they bring to the project. They will help you come up with designs that match or complement your house.

Besides that, they will also help in project management. A good and experienced architect will help you create the budget as they have an idea of how much labor and materials cost. Drawing loft conversion plans can be tricky because you’re working with limited space.

You can ask for referrals from friends or family. These days, most architects have websites complete with portfolios of their past works. Take your time to peruse them as they will give you an idea of the architect’s style.

Get Approvals

This may vary depending on where you stay. However, it is always best to consult before starting the project. A construction consultant can help you to apply for building approvals if they are needed for your project.

Not having approvals and permits from the relevant authorities can put you in a tricky situation. You might be forced to pull the project down until the permits are approved. In other cases, you might get charged in a court of law and receive a hefty fine.

Work on the Budget

from start to finish. An architect or construction consultant can help you come up with the budget. In most instances, they have field experience with materials and labor costs.

The budget will help your project stay on course. From hiring contractors, to services for construction clean up in Toronto, ON (or elsewhere), all these necessary tasks need accounting for to ensure your loft conversion goes smoothly. 

You also need to factor in if you have to move out. This may happen if the project will take a long time. If you have young kids around, it may also be wise to rent out a place during the construction period.

Wrapping Up

If you’re converting your loft, working with a team of experienced consultants or architects will make the project a success. A good conversion or extension project will improve the value of your property. You will also have extra space without having to build a new room altogether.

Make sure you work on the design and plans with an architect. The design should match the overall look of your house. Working with an experienced head will give you peace of mind as you convert your loft into something amazing.


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