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Why Rattan Furniture is Still Number 1

Since Synthetic Rattan Furniture was first introduced in the early 2000’s its is still growing strong in popularity and here’s why you should consider it as your next choice…

Rattan Garden Furniture is a synthetic material that is not only durable but can withstand the harsh British weather which makes it perfect for the average UK garden.

Rattan Furniture is still the UK’s Number 1 Choice

There are complete ranges of rattan products available both online and in-store across the whole of the UK, and we are able to help you with choosing a rattan set that is just right for you. All customers’ needs are at the forefront of the design and manufacturing process. Due to the competitive nature of the garden furniture industry you can guarantee that each year the designs improve tenfold and this is why there are so many available products on the market. Most sets come with glass dining tables are are crafted with tempered glass for increased safety, and the coordinating chairs are designed and built for comfort and relaxation and to match the set of your choice.  There is a set out there to suit everyone.

Types of sets

Sofa sets come in a variety of styles, including 2, 3, and 4-seat options. You can also buy rattan sofa sets that come pre-assembled and are customisable to fit any outdoor area. They are normally paired with a coffee table, footstools, and waterproof cushions. The various colour options include grey, brown, and black. If a modular set meets your particular needs, you can also add addition extras at a later date to compliment what you’re seeking. There are also a variety of chic accessories for those who already have garden furniture but are looking to create an updated, fresh look. Looking for accessories? Then you have tables, cushions, stools, and an array of garden parasols. These parasols provide excellent protection from the sun’s strong UV rays. They offer both shade and privacy if you have an unfenced garden area. For those customers who prefer a traditional style, we have wooden parasols available. For a more modern look, take a look at the range of Nova LED garden parasols with remote-controlled LED lights to illuminate your garden space at the touch of a button.

Vienna Deluxe Firepit with Armchair

Most UK retailers can assist you in selecting furniture that will suit your own personal preferences. There teams can assist with all your enquiries and offer advice on our products, whether you visit them in-store or shop online. Rattan furniture is in high demand due to its durability, style, and function. Constructed with weather-protected materials, our products are suitable for use throughout the year.

Milan Right Hand Fire Pit

We have also found another article over at active rain outlining why rattan furniture outweighs the benefits of why rattan sets outweigh other types of garden patio sets.


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