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As much as we love traveling through the regions of Tequila…Jalisco is not exactly a hop, jump & skip away. So let us bring a little bit of Mexico to you through our Tequila Passport Club.

Our goal is to give you the best opportunity to learn about the greatest distilled spirit in the world: 100% agave Tequila. We have the most educated staff you will find anywhere, many have visited Tequila distilleries to learn about production and have experienced the rich Tequila culture of Jalisco. As part of the Tequila Passport Club, we will educate, taste and compare over 125 100% agave Tequilas with you, and explain the various styles, flavor profiles, regions, terroir and interesting facts about Tequila that you won’t find anywhere else. Through our extensive staff travels, we have visited all of the tequila distilleries represented in our restaurant. Not many places can say that! That being said, we stand behind every product we sell!

The cost to join the club is $20. The pocket sized booklet is personalized with a photo of you, and date stamped each time you try a new Tequila. Keep your tasting note scribbles in the margins, or develop your own star rating system for remembering your favorites. The Tequila Passport won’t get you through any international airports, but it will give you access to VIP events and tastings hosted at TRES.

Come to the restaurant & get signed up today!

Recipe of the Month

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    La Taron’a Agaves used to create Tequila Olmeca Altos are milled using a 2 ton stone called a Tahona. In spanish, a grapefruit is a Toronja. This bright and refreshing cocktail combines both! Meet the…

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