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TRES is proud to partner with Tequila Partida for October, which is a very special month as we celebrate our 7th anniversary. Partida has been a staple of our selection of premium Tequilas since our inception, as it embraces the same values our beverage program was founded upon: old world tradition and new world innovation, which brings us some of the finest products we can share with you, our treasured Tequila connisseurs.

We are blessed to have San Francisco entrepreneur Gary Shansby, owner of Tequila Partida, as a frequent guest as well as a treasured friend so that he can share his vision with you. From the unaged Partida Blanco to the Extra Anejo Partida Elegante, he combines hand-selected estate blue agave with modern distillation methods for an optimal outcome. Each bottle is hand-filled and Tequila Master Jose Valdez employs his extensive education and state of the art autoclaves and stills to make sure that not only is the finished product one of the best in Tequila, but consistent from bottle to bottle.

The “spirit bird” that graces each bottle of Tequila Partida comes from the legendary story of how the precious juice of the agave was discovered. Word has it that after struggles to perch on the plant, the bird pierced the heart of the sacred plant, revealing its wonderful juices to a thankful and thirsty populace, and creating the wonderful beverage that we all now enjoy.

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