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Hacienda San José del Refugio, the home of Tequila Herradura, is one of the oldest Tequila producing facilities in all of Jalisco. Official Tequila production began there in the 1870’s and unofficially, way before that! Here they transform estate grown agave into smooth lowland style tequila for the whole world to enjoy.

The name, la herradura, means the horseshoe, and the best story of where the name comes from, goes like this – Aurelio López Rosales was out inspecting the agave fields of Hacienda San José del Refugio. He saw the glint of gold on the dusty ground. Treasure and gold are part of Amatitán, for it is known as a place not just of gold and silver mines, but hidden treasure. When Aurelio picked up the gleaming object, it was a horseshoe that had caught the light. It may not have been a treasure, but the horseshoe means good luck all over the world, and Aurelio was inspired to give this name to his excellent tequila. Herradura has meant good fortune to Hacienda San José del Refugio and Amatitán ever since. This ancient symbol is one of protection and luck. Herradura’s has the opening facing down, so the good fortune is poured out, shared, and enjoyed.

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