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dulce vidaOne of our favorite things to do, while on our Tequila training trips to Jalisco, is taste Tequila directly from the still. The juice is still slightly warm from the distillation process, and for many brands, is at a higher proof than what goes into the bottle. Some may find the higher proof a little too intense for their liking, but we adore it. At high proof, many of the complex notes that are sometimes lost or fade in dilution, are bright and more easily detected on the palate. And that is exactly why we love Dulce Vida’s line of exclusively organic 100 proof tequilas!

The master distillers at Dulce Vida’s distillery in the Los Altos town of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo at Campanario focus on retaining these qualities by distilling the tequila all the way to proof – a unique practice in the tequila industry. From organic, hand selected agave, to using the methane byproducts to power their distillery, sustainability is an important focus to Dulce Vida in each step of their process. With their ownership split equally between Austin, Texas and Guadalajara, Jalisco, this is one special Tequila, tying both American and Mexican culture in to one product!

To find out more about this fantastic brand and where they come from visit their website at

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