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la cofradiaTequila Casa Noble comes to us from the beautiful La Cofradia distillery and is one of the few brands to distill their tequila three times. All barrels at La Cofradia are made from the highly prized Limousin oak and imported from Cognac, France which gives this aged tequila a dimension unique only to Casa Noble.

 This month we are very proud to share with you a special and unique tequila – our second Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado! What is a single barrel? Tequilas in the bottle are generally a blend from many different barrels to achieve the desired flavor profile and to maintain consistency. In March, on our employee trip to Jalisco, we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Casa Noble owner & founder Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo to choose tequila from one single special barrel not to be blended with others. Out of 6 barrels that were part of a blind tasting, our staff chose barrel #591 to be our own. Once this juice is gone, there will never be another exactly the same again.

casa noble

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