Staff Trips

Traveling the roads of Mexico:

Each quarter TRES takes deserving staff members to Tequila country to explore the production-process and history behind every brand of Tequila we carry. We explore the culture of Mexico and the beautiful cuisine of different regions. From the Los Altos towns of Atotonilco & Arandas to the towns in the Valley of Tequila, we absorb all of the knowledge we can to maintain our mission of being the most educated staff in the world! Some of our favorite stops: La Plaza de Mariachi in Tlaquepaque, La Capilla in Tequila, Dos Puertas in Atotonilco, Happy Bar in Arandas, Kamillos in Guadalajara & of course the mines of Guanajuato. A beautiful and fun experience that we are delighted to share with you…

We’re off to Mexico!

It’s that time of year again for a Tequila Trip to Jalisco! Six of our crew leaves late Saturday night for a  7 day long educational journey to the heart of our favorite spirit! Staff are chosen to go on... read more »

Fiesta de la Caverna with Tequila Fortaleza and Guillermo Sauza

Very few of us have had the priviledge of traveling to the town of Tequila and experiencing the famous cave parties at Distilleria de la Fortaleza so we thought we would bring the cave party to San Francisco! Join us... read more »

TRES Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado #2 is here!!

This month we are very proud to share with you a special and unique tequila – our second Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado! What is a single barrel? Tequilas in the bottle are generally a blend from many different barrels... read more »

Jalisco Tour, February 2011

Just a few short weeks ago 10 deserving TRES crew members ventured to Jalisco to explore the world of Tequila! In the Los Altos we visited the distilleries of Siete Leguas, El Tesoro, Excellia & Corrido. In the Valley we... read more »

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