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Our goal at TRES is to make margaritas that highlight the character of 100% blue agave Tequila. We hand-squeeze fresh limes imported from Mexico & use agave nectar, the most healthy and expensive natural sweetener in the world. We hope you enjoy what we believe to be the perfect margarita. Remember that at TRES we always give you a full 2-ounce pour.

TRES Margarita 9.5/36

Arette Blanco ~ Valley of Tequila our classic lowland margarita

TRES Altos Margarita 10/38

Pueblo Viejo Blanco ~ Los Altos our classic highland margarita

Conmemorativo Margarita 12/46

Don Julio Blanco ~ Los Altos in memory of the true tequila pioneer

Los Abuelos Margarita 11/42

Fortaleza Blanco ~ Valley of Tequila ‘cinco’ generaciones

Pancho Villa’s Margarita 10/38

Siete Leguas Reposado ~ Los Altos produced by a highly respected tequila family

Hacienda 11.5/44

Herradura Reposado ~ Valley of Tequila a tequila with a rich history in amatitan

Solo Barril Margarita 14/54

TRES Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado ~ Valley of Tequila carefully hand selected by our staff

Don Felipe’s Margarita 13/50

El Tesoro Añejo ~ Los Altos a true artisan tequila

Libertad Margarita 11/42

Pueblo Viejo Añejo ~ Los Altos the owner championed for stricter tequila regulations

Sofia’s Margarita 14/54

Partida Añejo ~ Valley of Tequila a san francisco favorite

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Signature Cocktails & The Mexican Cousins of Classic Cocktails

At TRES we specialize in classic & contemporary Tequila cocktails. Our goal is to make cocktails that enhance all of the unique characteristics of 100% agave Tequila. We use only fresh juices & top quality mixers.

Signature Cocktails

Sangria Roja 9/26

seasonal fruit sangria with tequila

La Rosa 10

corzo blanco, hibiscus, crème de mure, lime

Teresita 12

pueblo viejo reposado, fresh strawberry, lemon, fresh mint, elderflower, chocolate bitters

Sweet Heat 9

arette reposado, licor 43, jalapeño nectar, lime

El Cilantrillo 11

calle 23 reposado, fresh tomatillo, cilantro, maraschino, lemon, habanero jam

Dos Agaves 10

el jimador añejo, del maguey vida, chipotle and tamarind mezcla, lime, agave, tamarind jarritos

The Old Man in His Leather Chair… 13

casa noble añejo, dubonnet rouge, punt e mes, amaro ciociaro

La Alta Rubia 10

fortaleza blanco, yellow chartreuse, fresh basil, egg white, lemon, agave nectar

The Mexican Cousins of Classic Cocktails

La Paloma 9.5

corralejo blanco, lime, salt, grapefruit jarritos

El Vuelo de Oso 9

olmeca altos blanco, maraschino, lemon, liqueur de violettes

Mexican Monk 10

regional reposado, yellow chartreuse, campari, earl gray agave, lemon, egg white, angostura bitters

La Palabra Verdá 9

mezcal la puritita verdá, green chartreuse, luxardo maraschino, lime, served up

Down for the Count 13

casa noble añejo, fernet branca, st. germaine, lemon, agave, aztec chocolate bitters
created by JR Starkus, RM Seafood, Las Vegas

The Bee’s Bollix 11

don julio blanco, white whiskey, drambuie, lavender honey, lemon, chile de arbol sugar rim

Okey Dokey Smokey 10

mezcal vida, sugar, grapefruit bitters, cinnamon dusted orange on the side

Café 1921 9

french press, 1921 reposado, 1921 crema

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Tequila Flights

Below are some of our favorite selections, or your server can help you create your own. Flights are 3 one-ounce pours.

Atotonilco Blancos 18

Patron ~ Siete Leguas ~ Don Julio

Favorito de los Empleados 18

Fortaleza Blanco ~ Siete Leguas Reposado ~ Pueblo Viejo Añejo

Del Maguey ~ Orgullo de Oaxaca 26

San Luis ~ Minero ~ Albarradas ~ Chichicapa ~ Crema

Los Fuertes 16.5

1800 100 Proof Blanco, Tapatio 110 Proof Blanco, Dulce Vida Blanco

Añejo de las Tahonas 22

Siete Leguas ~ Fortaleza ~ El Tesoro

Mezcal Artisanal 27

Mezcalero #5 San Baltazar, Mezcalero #6 Santa Maria, Mezcalero #7 San Juan del Rio

Fernet Flight 20

Branca ~ Leopold ~ Vallet ~ Angelico

Tequileros Choice AQ

let one of our skilled staff create a customized flight based on your own likings!

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