A history of Del Maguey…


The world Mezcal is from the Nahuatl native language word Metl or Mexcalmetl meaning agave or Earth roasted agave. These days, Maguey is the common word for the agave plant amidst the almost 1 million traditional indigenous people in the state of Oaxaca alone... read more »

Del Maguey Distillery Dinner Menu


Join us in San Francisco on Thursday, June 30th for a delicious Distillery Dinner celebrating Del Maguey Mezcal. Chefs Kelvin Ott, Jason Sanchez & Juan Hernandez have crafted a delicious 7-course meal inspired by the culture of Oaxaca and the smoky and herbaceous flavors of Mezcal! read more »

Taste This! Oaxacan Summer….


1.5 oz Vida Mezcal, 1.0 oz Fresh Lemon Juice, .25 oz Agave Nectar, 1.0 ea Good Pinch of Salt, To Fill: Hefeweizen Beer, To Garnish: 1.0 ea Sprig of Rosemary read more »

Del Maguey Mezcal


One of the many hidden secrets of Mexico & found in the country’s southern state of Oaxaca lives Mezcal. So often misunderstood, for years Mezcal was perceived as a cheap & poor spirit based on low quality products imported to... read more »

Chile Fresco


crafted by Tequilero Randy Perez the crowd favorite cocktail of the 2011 Battle of the Tequileros 1 ½ ounce Herradura Reposado ½ ounce lemon juice 4 pieces red bell pepper (sliced in thick squares) 4 pieces cucumber 3 shakes angostura... read more »



Since 1870, Tequila production has always been a loving transformation at Casa Herradura- tranforming the estate-grown agave into smooth Tequila that captivates the senses. From the fields to the bottle, Tequila Herradura follows a unique production process set forth by its predecessors. A process distinguished by it... read more »

Flor de Lis


1.5 oz Gran Centenario Blanco, 1 oz Velvet Falernum, 0.25 oz Creme Yvette, .75 oz Lemon Juice read more »

Gran Centenario


Over a hundred and fifty years in the making, Tequila Gran Centenario proves that hard work and dedication will bring great success. As one of the world’s most awarded Tequila brands, its method of production still rely on an old... read more »

The Battle of the Tequileros Crowns New Winner!


Recent Chicago transplant out-competes other 9 finalists from Spruce, John Collins, Zero Zero, and Azul among others with his Tequila driven Dry & Dusty; TRES barback Randy Perez with his bartender elders lending moral support sheds underdog status and takes prize as crowd favorite with his Chile Fresco... read more »

Jalisco Tour, February 2011


Just a few short weeks ago 10 deserving TRES crew members ventured to Jalisco to explore the world of Tequila! In the Los Altos we visited the distilleries of Siete Leguas, El Tesoro, Excellia & Corrido. In the Valley we... read more »

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