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The Battle of the Tequileros Crowns New Winner!


Recent Chicago transplant out-competes other 9 finalists from Spruce, John Collins, Zero Zero, and Azul among others with his Tequila driven Dry & Dusty; TRES barback Randy Perez with his bartender elders lending moral support sheds underdog status and takes prize as crowd favorite with his Chile Fresco... read more »

Jalisco Tour, February 2011


Just a few short weeks ago 10 deserving TRES crew members ventured to Jalisco to explore the world of Tequila! In the Los Altos we visited the distilleries of Siete Leguas, El Tesoro, Excellia & Corrido. In the Valley we... read more »

Tequila Casa Noble


About Casa Noble: Tequila Casa Noble comes to us from the beautiful La Cofradia distillery in the lowland town of Tequila, Jalisco. Owner & founder Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo believes that patience is the most important quality in producing super-premium 100%... read more »

Taste This!


Mora Organica sounds like the name of a very expensive line of goose friendly duvets, or at TRES it’s the March featured cocktail! The creation is the work of San Francisco Bar Manager JP whose moment of inspiration sparked while sipping... read more »



South of Market Tequila destination & Mexican restaurant Tres Agaves pares its name, expands beverage program and embarks on a menu upgrade as it moves into the 2011 season as TRES, a Tequila Lounge and Mexican Kitchen catering to those who not only... read more »

Meet the Master


Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo Brooks, Tequila Casa Noble Meet Pepe.  Co-owner of La Cofradia distillery, home to Tequila Casa Noble.  The touchstones for producing Casa Noble are, in Pepe’s words “patience and care for every single detail.” Consider this: a general... read more »

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